Read Me

No. I don’t mean the devo, I mean, Read ME. BJ, The person writing this devo. These words aren’t merely written words, but thoughts of a person. A person with an eternal soul, created by God, in the likeness of God, this is true of anything that you read, the words are actually a peek into the mind of a person.

Everything you read, is written by an eternal soul that has beliefs, hopes, fears, insecurities, desires, goals and an intended message… Have you ever read something and really thought about the mind and heart of the writer, why they’re saying what they’re saying?

The things that people write, reveal who they are and where their heart is at, this is because writing is usually the act of putting a person’s own words and thoughts, into the most organized and clear way possible. More importantly, people usually only write about the things that matter to them the most, or are most passionate about at the time.

In every writing, there is both the message that the writer presents, and if you want to look for it, a little view into the heart of the person writing. So that brings us to the obvious conclusion of how we read our Bible.

We know and believe what the writer was inspired to say in 2 Timothy 3

"16 All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness,"

We know what he’s asking, but what about God’s heart do we see in that command? Do we see a harsh God that doesn’t want us to have a good time? If that’s what we see, the we aren’t reading enough of the Bible, if we had, we would know that God wants the absolute best for us.

Even the very next verse in Timothy 3 says it.

"17 so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work."

God wants us to be complete! He wants us to lead a full, successful and worthwhile life in Christ! And because he made us and everything around us, he actually does know what’s best for us. He knows what will drag us down and destroy us... the things that, like candy, taste sweet, but rot out our teeth.

He also knows what will grow us into confident, effective people, filled with real joy, joy that doesn’t decay like the rest of this world.

Let’s read the scriptures and look for the heart of God in them. Not just what he’s telling us to do, or not to do, but why a God who loves us enough to die for us, is telling what to, or not to do.

Love you guys!