Taken Outta Context

This morning, was a fine morning. I had brewed my cup of coffee, and sipping had commenced. The sun was shining through the windows and my wife and I were lounging on the couch reading….

...and then it happened.

My sweet natured wife looked up from her reading with a menacing look in her eye, and turning her gaze upon me said with all malice:


(this is where I blinked repeatedly with a shocked look on my face)

Sixteen years of marriage and she still knows how to make me swoon!

It was then that I started thinking about “context” and how much it matters. Although I’m sure there have been times when my wife DID want to strike me with “SPB”....(Sword, Pestilence, and Beast)...what was actually was being quoted at me was a passage of scripture from Ezekiel. What made it comical was that it in no way was God’s threat of judgement upon me….to direct it toward me would be to take it out of its context.

As I thought more about this I wanted to encourage all of our weekly readers to be students of context. I can’t even begin to calculate how many times I’ve heard the Bible taken out of context to prove a point that whomever is using it, chooses to make. The problem with that statement is the “whomever”...we as created beings don’t have the ability nor the right to alter God’s word to fit our situations or points we desire to make. He makes the points and teaches the lessons to us...it is our job to rightly understand His teaching and perspective and make it our own.

As created beings we are to allow God’s word to alter us. To shape us and mold us into the people He has made us to be. Can you imagine what the church would look like if we as the sons and daughters of God, allowed ourselves to be molded by His standards? What a joyous and unified group of humans we would be!

This shouldn’t be a fantasy...it should be reality.

Let’s make some changes. Here’s one we can do right away, individually: Read your Bible everyday and allow the true context of the passage to altar and shape the way you think and act.

To be a person who is moldable and open to direction is to be wise. And there is no greater craftsman, nor skilled guide than God Himself.

So let us seek an understanding of God’s word and the context of what we read...and then let us echo the prayer of God’s people in Isaiah 64.8:

“Yet LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we all are the work of your hands.”

Love you guys!

Mike J.