Who's Your Hero?

Don’t you wish super heroes were real.

[ Let me back up for a moment… I’m very sorry, but super heroes aren’t real. ]

But don’t you wish they were.

And don’t you wish that you just happened to be friends with one. You’d have a bit more confidence, a bit more boldness. You’d never fear bullies, disasters - or alien invaders. Because, even if your super hero gets beat - don’t worry, he’ll be back for the next movie.

Since super heroes aren’t real (sorry, but let’s come back to reality)...

Since there are no super heroes to be your, "always there for you" best friend,

since that’s reality - where do you turn to solve the stuff that you can’t handle yourself?

Parents can be a great help (I am one, and I have some, so I get that sometimes you don’t want their help, but they are often your best choice).

Friends can help too (but often, the stuff you can’t solve, is the stuff they can’t solve either).

You know where I’m going. It’s the obvious answer.

But, I’m going to say what I bet you already know - because even though we know it, too often we fail to actually do it…

We need to turn to God. We need to turn to the one who’s more than super.

Omniscient (all-knowing), Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omnipresent (always present). Stronger than Superman, better equipped than Batman, purer than Captain America, richer and smarter than Ironman, the true God, not a puny mythological god…

In Psalm 35 King David asks God to say to my soul: “I am your salvation!” David is being attacked - he is overwhelmed and unable to handle things himself -

and so, he looks to God.

But I think what he says there in v.3 is interesting - because David not only looks to God to protect and avenge him, he asks God to remind him - that he’s looking to God. David says, “God remind me that I’m looking to you, remind me that you’re going to save me.

I think David says this - because like us, he’s prone to trying to fix things his own way. And that often makes an even bigger mess. So, David asks God - remind me: that you’re my hero. That’s not a bad prayer when you’re overwhelmed: God remind me… God remind me that you’re Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent. Remind me that you’re stronger than Superman, better than Batman, purer than Cap, richer and smarter than Ironman, the true God, not a puny mythological god… Remind me, say to me: “I am your salvation!

Pastor Cory