Noah the Crazy Boat Man

Imagine how intense the rush of adrenaline, wonder and presumably, fear… must have been for Noah and his family, as the Ark was being thrashed around in the midst of the greatest “natural disaster” in Earth history and every living thing not found on the Ark was being destroyed (does it count as a natural disaster if God caused it to happen? hmm…)

In Genesis we read about Noah’s Ark... God’s Ark really. I mean, would Mr No. spend years building something that the world saw as stupid without God’s leading? Or for that matter, know how to build an Ark that would fit two of every land dependant animal? Obviously not, but he listened to God and prepared out of faith anyway knowing that on that day, God would be (and he was) faithful.

While Noah’s story has some really neat parallels to Christ’s second coming and salvation, I want to draw attention to God’s faithfulness to Noah, as Noah followed God’s command.

Much like God called Noah to action, God has called us to action, Jesus himself said in Matthew 16:24...

"If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

To deny ourselves and take up our cross is not easy, nor was it meant to be. When Jesus came to Earth he actively denied himself all the glory he deserved as God of all existence, when he took up his cross, he did so willingly, in submission to the father. To follow after Christ, we are on one hand called to actively deny ourselves of fleshly desires and on the other, called to willingly follow where God leads us. On one hand action, on the other, submission... even to death having faith that God will raise us up on that day.

Noah was called to both action and submission. The action part for Noah was building the Ark. All those years of labouring for something that the world was laughing at must have at times become tiresome and disheartening, but on that promised day the world did indeed break apart and God kept his promise.

God promised us that storms are coming, how is your labour coming along, does your boat have holes? Spend time with God today, read his word, understand what God wants to accomplish in your life.

The Ark wasn’t built in a day, pick a board today and nail it up.