Do you love Him?

Some people are just easy to love.

They’re giving, considerate, gentle, warm - they love you first. Jesus is all of that, and way more.

He made you. And then when you rebelled against Him and enslaved yourself to sin, He bought you out of condemnation by dying in your place upon the Cross.

He loves you. He knows you completely, not the “you” that you present to others, He knows the real you.

And He loves you anyway.

He provides for you: life, breath, hope, tomorrow, heaven. And so much more.

He gives you His Grace, Peace, Forgiveness, Righteousness and Mercy. Jesus is easy to love - and He deserves our love, more than anyone. Have you stopped to think about how much He loves you?

Paul says that he is so overwhelmed by the love of God - that he may seem to be out of his mind. Crazy. Unreasonable.
Paul does all the crazy things that he does, not because he’s crazy, not because he has to, not because he feels a sense of duty or responsibility to do them - but he does it all, out of love for Jesus.

In 2 Corinthians 5:13-15 Paul says: “For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died; and he died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.”

Paul has thought about and is responding to the reality of Jesus’ great love for us. He has intellectually examined, personally accepted and emotionally experienced the love of Christ. The death of Jesus on the Cross isn’t just historical fact (though it is that) and it isn’t just theological truth (though it is that too), it is also a personal, relational, intimate gift.

What about you? Do you get it? Do you see that Jesus loves you? Let the reality of His love, and the fact that it is aimed at you specifically - let that impact you, let it shape who you are and what you do. Like Paul - allow the love of Christ to constrain you.

Pastor Cory