What's Your Story?

In Acts 26 - Paul is in a bad situation.

He has been arrested, and because a group of Religious Zealots are trying to kill him, he’s been transferred out of Jerusalem, and is now about to stand trial in Caesarea Maritima before Festus (the Roman procurator of Judea), and another Roman ruler King Herod Agrippa II.

Paul is supposed to be proving to them that he did nothing wrong on that day when he had been arrested while in the Temple in Jerusalem. But instead - he tells them his story, how he had once been a total and complete un-believer in regard to Jesus, and how he was now a total and complete believer, and as a result - his life was forever changed. Paul tells them that he had been a fully convinced and fully committed Jew.
He was one of the good guys - doing everything he was supposed to do - and even more. He didn’t believe that Jesus (who had been crucified) was the Savior that the prophets had promised, so he persecuted Christians.

Then one day (v.13) Jesus (who had been crucified and was risen) appeared to Paul. And Jesus commanded Paul to tell others about Him. That, Paul says, was the real reason he had been arrested - for following and declaring Jesus.

Paul then challenges Agrippa - who knew what had happened to Jesus, how he had been crucified, and that He had risen; and who knew what the Jewish prophets had foretold - that the Savior would come and suffer for us (Isaiah 53). Paul doesn’t ever get around to asking to be released from jail - but he does ask Festus and Agrippa to put their faith in Jesus!

1 Peter 3:15 tells us: “always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” - so, what would you say?

What’s your story? Why do you believe in Jesus? How has He changed you? Have you looked at the evidence? Have you surrendered yourself to Jesus? Who are you seeking to persuade to come to Jesus?

Be a complete and total believer - be all in! Live radically for Jesus!

Pastor Cory