Taking Notice

Who’s plan are you striving to complete?

This question is one that hits me square in the eyes. I’ve been a business owner from a young age, I don’t do a whole lot simply to please someone else, and I tend to pick where I want to go in life simply because I decide I want to go there (okay, I guess my husband gets a say now that we are married). Because of these things, I tend to lock down on a certain task or goal, and focus hard on it until it is achieved to my standards.

Recently, though, the Lord has been showing me just how unfruitful achievements are that aren’t necessarily part of his plan for me. There was a really sad article last week about a young quarterback attending Washington State University. After missing practice on January 16th, the 21-year-old was found dead in his apartment from an apparent suicide. Twenty-one years old - the same age as I am. That story really struck me; I wondered how no one had known that the up and coming superstar was doing so poorly. According to the news, no one had any idea why he would have done this.

Are we too busy accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our aspirations to notice other people? In no way am I suggesting that anyone else is responsible for someone’s suicide - but it makes you think. If you are flying down the path of life, rushing to get to the end of the journey towards your goals, I encourage you to remember to look to your right and left metaphorically at the people you encounter, and to keep your spirit quiet and listening to any course corrections the Lord may have for you. Maybe He wants you to take a break from fulfilling your dreams, and bring glory to Him through some other avenue. Possibly, it’s time to invest more in others than in what you want out of life. And yes, there is potential that He is asking you to look away from that one “thing” all together. Whatever He asks, have confidence that he knows what is best for you, and he has a way that he wants to use you specifically. It often times is not what we may “want”, but if we keep our eyes on Him and continually ask for him to gear our hearts towards his will, we will find the only true fulfillment in this life - bringing glory to God.

Please join me in asking the Lord to modify our hearts’ and minds’ desires to match His. Ask Him to help you be willing to give up anything that he asks you to, and to have a perspective that honors him..

Psalm 37:4: “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.”