A lesson from Creation

Psalm 24.1: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof…

We discovered recently, a nest of sweet little baby birds. It was so fun to listen to the little chirps and watch mom and dad work tirelessly over them throughout the day. Not long after our discovery however, one of the little guys decided it was time to try out the wings, and we found this out after our dumb cat had grabbed him and brought him to the backyard while we were back there. Gina retrieved the little guy, we managed to get him back in the nest only to have him fall out again the next day so we stood by and watched dad teaching him how to fly. All this while the cat was locked in the garage. At the end of the day, after baby seemed to be long gone, we let the cat out. Later, we found baby dead in our front lawn. The cat had gone out to find him.

Two days later I was so excited to see another baby bird from the same nest in a bush, flying from branch to branch! Little baby feather tufts were still attached to his head, but he was very ready to fly. I put the cats in the garage, and the kids and I got to enjoy talking to him and even petting his back. Sweet moments. Well, the door to the back of the garage had not been shut, the cat got out, and I went outside later to find my sweet little friend dead.

I absolutely hate death. I hate the fact that the cat was just going by instinct, an instinct that wasn't there before sin. We had all tried so hard to save these little creatures who couldn't defend themselves, and all the effort had failed. This seemingly small thing in my day really broke my heart.

So, in my frustration I prayed. I needed encouragement, and I will share with you what He told me. He reminded me that there will, in His timing, be an end to death. He reminded me that He continues to show His love by allowing life to continue. More are given the opportunity to live and love Him, because He desires to love them, despite the pain that He has to endure. But He also encouraged me not to lose hope, and to remember there are SO many people without the hope we have. We need to share that message with all who will hear it! And for those who resist, keep praying, keep reaching out, never cease to represent Christ to them!

Watching the caring father of those little baby birds reminded me of how He is with us. When things were harrowing and dangerous, that father was right there, on the branch talking to his baby. Letting him know he was there even through the danger, even through death. As we walk this life, we know there will be death, there will be sorrow, but the love that our Father has for us keeps our heads up, literally looking up, to the Jesus who will come and rule and reign and make things the way that they were meant to be! It won’t stay this way friends. He has a plan to make all things new! Praise Him for this truth every day!

Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Love you all!

Sarah J