Staying in the Lane

So I have a weird thing. Sometimes, I really hate when other people drive. Usually, it happens at night time or when there's precipitation or it's icy, but sometimes it pops up randomly. It had happened a few times before getting married, but ever since the beginning of my two-month-so-far marriage, it has happened several times. There’s just something about my husband’s driving that can send me into moments of tense, gripping-the-seat anxiety.

What I have found, though, is that most of that anxiety comes from watching the side of the road get closer and farther from the outside wheels. I have gone off the road a few times as both a driver and a passenger, so my fear automatically hones in on that white line. Every time I allow myself to focus there, I become immersed in making sure that line does not disappear from my view. If I take my eyes off of that line, though, and spend my time conversing with the driver or enjoying the scenery, that stress mysteriously dissipates. Seems like it’s about perspective, doesn’t it?

While my silly issue with being a passenger in a car is something that is easy to laugh about, I have found that these things apply in our every day lives. Sometimes, we get in precarious situations that we didn’t see coming, such as getting caught as a car passenger when it starts to pour down rain. Not to use a cliche example, but if Jesus is the Lord of your life, he is the “driver of the car” as well. When you get into some bad weather, and it’s not an issue of sin, do you spent your time focused on that issue you can’t control until it consumes you? Or do you push on and do what you are called to do, trusting the Lord to get you where he wants you to be - where you SHOULD be?

Psalm 13 is such a beautiful example of someone who wrestles with the struggles of life and wonders if the Lord has forgotten him. The perfect part of it is that the psalmist comes to the conclusion that God’s trust is something that can be relied on wholly. God loves you completely. We can never understand the depth of his adoration for us (or why in the world he would even like us a little bit). We’ve gotta get our head out of our problems and turn and fell his love. Life is the way it is, we have no control over so many aspect of it. But he does - and he has all the best for you and for his glory. It’s so incredible that we get to be a part of that!

Today, I ask you to think about those things that are causing you stress. Are they something out of your control? Maybe the Lord has you there to learn, grow, and depend on him. Spend time remembering his goodness (Psalms in particular is jam packed with examples of it), and immerse yourself in the comfort of His love. Then get up and keep doing the things he has called you to do. We live a blessed life because of His love!

Isaiah 43:1 is one of my favorite promises that the Lord made to His people: “But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

Love you all,