Are you feeling Overwhelmed?

I read recently that most of us “live overwhelmed.” In other words, our normal state - is anxious, stressed, or freaking out.

Sometimes it’s because we get hit by some huge problem, something that would freak anyone out, something bigger than we are.

More often - we just “feel overwhelmed” - we don’t know why, but we’re about to lose it. We can’t explain it, others don’t understand it - but we can’t take it much longer.

We find ourselves - not really living life - but just trying to survive. We go from crises to crises - hiding from the stress and anxiety by binge-watching, gaming - or immersing ourselves into things that aren’t real (or at least aren’t real in our lives). We obsess on Football, some band, a movie, some TV show - because we’re hiding.

At some point the stress and fear and tiredness gets to be too much - so we collapse. We quit, we give up, we pretend we don’t care.

Some of us go further - and try to deaden the pain with drugs or self-harm. Trying to escape (if even just for moment) - and we make things worse.

What we need - is someone to step in and rescue us.

Enter: Jesus.

Will you do this for me, please?

Turn off your music.

Shut off the TV.

Find the quietest spot that’s easily available to you. Now, read Psalm 23. It’s short - so read it a couple of times - slowly.

Let me comment of a few things…

King David (that’s who wrote this) writes:

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want."

David has decided to let God be his “shepherd.” He has put God in control - is letting God call the shots. And because of that - David is relaxed, he knows that God will take care of him. None of his problems have gone away, but, now they are God’s problems too…

David continues,

"He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.

David has decided to let God be his “shepherd.” And God has chosen to lead David to a quiet spot - where his soul can be refreshed.

Here’s what I’m thinking: God wants to do that with us too. He wants us to find a quiet space - where He can nourish our souls.

The Lord wants to lead you, not so much to a place (though maybe to that too)… He’s leading you (and me) to a time with Him that is undistracted, quiet and peaceful. A time where you will let Him speak to you (through His Word), and where you will speak to Him openly (through prayer).

Unplug. Disconnect. Remove your phone, your music, your media. Allow quiet. Let the only thing you hear be God’s Word.

Then let it be quiet some more - and speak to your Savior… Let Him restore and refresh your soul.

Pastor Cory