His Face

Oh to see the face of God!

Have you heard that before? Oh to see the face of God. Have you pictured it in your mind…to look one day and see the face of our God. The bible has so many poetic verses describing the beauty of the Lord; the glory and awe of His face.
(Psalm 27:4 comes to mind immediately, “One thing I ask from the Lord and I will seek. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in his temple.”) But wow guys do we stink at daily living our lives looking at God’s beautiful face, we prefer to look at his hand.

Here is what I mean. A coworker of mine said something tonight that made me think twice about how to go about my aspiring call of God, she said: “We should look at God’s face and be content in his awe, and not be so concerned about what His hands can do for us”. (1 Chron 16:11- Look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always) I am so guilty of praying for the Lord to show me where to go, when in all honesty I should be focusing on Him more, not his will for my life, or what I’m going to do to further the kingdom, but just be focused on Him.

I thought of all my bible heroes: Abraham, Joshua, Elisha, Paul, ect. All of which did not always know where they were going. Not only that, but even if they did squabble and continually be stressed out about God’s plan for them, it isn’t recorded like that in the bible, it is said “by faith”. (Heb. 11)

Our time here is like a vapor. Would you rather spend your time in awe of God? Or in awe of his will for your life. We do it backwards. I did it backwards, and God can still use it (Think of Jonah, Joseph, Jacob, Gideon) He works for good in all things.

We need to be content with just God, yup Just God. Open your eyes to just how much of an idol it can be not take God for who he is. He is everything we need, and he spoils us! You are a loved child of God J Go be like Abraham, Joshua, and Paul, walk by faith, and make sure your eyes are on the Lord’s face, not on his hands.

HE will do what HE wills in HIS time.

And the reward will be great.

I love you all so much.