This isn't just 911

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.
Is anyone cheerful?
Let him sing praise.
Is anyone among you sick?
Let him call for the elders of the church,
and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord

(James 5:13-14 ESV)

If you’re like me, when you open your eyes in the morning, your thoughts center on yourself.
Do I have to get up?  [Probably.]   Do I want to get up? [Probably not!]
What do I have to do today?  Will it be fun or difficult?  What would I like to do?

And, (unless I do something about it,) that mentality (thinking almost exclusively of myself,) it doesn’t change as I move through my day.
What do I want to eat?  You’re in my way.  I’m waiting.  MeMeMe.

If I’m happy or sad or angry or glad - it’s all about me.

James (the guy who wrote the New Testament Letter of James) suggests a way to change that.
Are you suffering?  Talk to God about it.
Are you happy?  Praise God (thank Him).
Are you sick (or do you have a problem)?  Ask Him to help you.

In whatever circumstance, mood or state you find yourself - just as you are, turn to God.

Not only should we talk to Him whenever we face something we can’t handle;
but we should talk to Him regardless of what we’re facing.
We should talk to Him - when we’re not “facing” anything.  Because He’s here.

He’s with you.  Not just when things are bad.  Not just when you need rescuing.
He’s always ready to hear your heart,  to listen to your questions,  to receive your thanks.

And when you turn your thoughts (and your heart) toward God - it changes you.
It connects you with the One for whom (and by whom) you were created.

Let every situation turn your response toward God, and you will begin to understand what Paul is talking about in Acts 17:28“‘In Him we live and move and have our being

What would you like to say to God right now…?

-Pastor Cory