Open Doors

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” - John 13:35

How do we as Christians serve God?

In a nation where we can still freely talk about God without being threatened with death why is it so hard to share the gospel or serve Christ?

Colossians 3 says in whatever you do, do it for God. What does that mean? I've heard it explained a number of different ways, but often I find myself confused. When it comes to preaching the gospel, what is the most effective way to do it in our culture? As funny as it sounds the disciples had it easier in some ways, but at the same time much much harder in other ways.

In what ways did they have it easier? It was easier because of the differences in our cultures. Most of the known world had never heard of Jesus they were able to go city by city preaching in the synagogues or public places. I would say most of our world has heard of a Jesus so this isn't a new trend that everyone wants to hear about, it's something old and proven wrong, they think. People have heard of the wrong Jesus, they know a different one then the Jesus of the bible. We have to re-educate people about Jesus but they don’t want to listen. How do we get people to listen?

By Serving.

I'm not talking about serving at church, although you should be doing that too, but serve in the community. Shovel your neighbor's driveway, help push somewhat out of the snow if they get stuck, buy someone's lunch. There are plenty of things to do, we just don't do them. How is shoveling a driveway sharing the gospel? Good question. The simple act of serving doesn't verbally preach the gospel but by showing love for people, more are willing to listen when they see you doing something about what you believe. Will this always work? No of course not, but it's a good place to start.

Once I ordered pizza and it was right after pay day. I honestly felt like I was being led to give this guy a big tip, all I had was $100 bill so I tipped him $100. He said thanks gave me a hug I closed the door and enjoyed my pizza. But then I thought about it, I tipped that guy $100 he would have listened to anything I had to say but instead I was hungry and wanted to eat. What good did that do? I missed an opportunity, still to this day I think about that moment, I have his face memorized, he was ecstatic but that did him no long term good.

Service opens doors. But we have to walk through them.

In our culture nowadays the biggest excuse I hear is "I can't go to church because of all the hypocrites." I have also heard that blown off by Christians because they say we are all hypocrites. Which is true, but we use that as an excuse to blow those people off. I listened to people at my work today who have done more for people this winter then I have and I know neither of them are saved. Yet they buy extra hot packs and make gloves and hats for homeless people, and I do nothing.

Do you want to share the gospel? Do you want to serve Christ in everything you do? Then serve. We as Christians tend to say things like "well I have to pray about it before I serve." Let me be blunt and interpret what is actually being said: "I don't want too." God is not going to get angry at you because you shoveled your neighbor's driveway before praying about it. The church needs to start loving people the right way, by serving.

-Luke K.