We talk a lot about thankfulness this time of year. We are thankful for pumpkin pie…mmm pie! We’re thankful for family and friends. And yes we are thankful for Jesus! Often we LOVE spending the holidays with our friends and family, and quite often some of us don’t. We would be thrilled to spend it with those that we actually like to hang out with, that we haven't had arguments or confrontations with. Sometimes we can’t fix the problems because it is two sided, but oftentimes we can, because its an US thing. So here’s a question for everyone of us….are we holding any bitterness towards anyone? Anyone??

Matthew 18:21-35 is the parable of the unforgiving servant. Peter had come to Jesus and asked him if forgiving seven times was enough. In Judaism, three times was enough to show a forgiving spirit towards someone. So in Peter’s head he’s thinking, seven’s gotta be alright! But Jesus says no, that we are to keep on forgiving without keeping count at all! Ah… but we are counters aren't we.

In the rest of the passage Jesus talks about the king and how he has forgiven the incredible and I mean incredible amount that his servant owed…in fact he cleared it completely. We know this is a picture of what our King has done for us. Our holy, righteous God, even though we deserved death,(Romans 3:23), paid for it with his Son’s blood..and now in Christ, we owe nothing. Let that sink in. Because often I have to just let that wash over me.

I owe nothing.

Because truly people, if we have experienced that saving affect on our lives, shouldn't we be responding to others with what we have received?

Undeserved forgiveness and acceptance. It’s what we all want and long for and have been offered freely. Lets remember this gift with a heart of thankfulness. And not torment ourselves and others by allowing bitterness to reign in our heart.

Blessings friends!

Sarah J.